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Workshop Title: Effective Time Management


Date: September 20, 2050


Facilitator: [Your Name]


Instructions: Your feedback is important to us. Please take a few moments to complete this feedback form to help us improve our workshops and better meet your professional development needs.


Overall Workshop Rating (1-5):

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Agenda & Content:

  1. Was the workshop content relevant to your role and needs?

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  •     Neutral

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  1. Were the workshop objectives clearly communicated and achieved?

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Facilitator Evaluation:

  1. How effective was the facilitator in presenting the material and engaging participants?

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  1. Were questions and concerns addressed adequately by the facilitator?


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Workshop Logistics:

  1. Were the workshop facilities and materials adequate?


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  1. How would you rate the workshop's duration?


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  • Too Long

Suggestions for Improvement:

  1. Please provide any specific comments or suggestions for improving future workshops:


     I found the workshop content to be informative, but it would be even more valuable with real-world examples.

     Perhaps incorporating more interactive exercises would enhance engagement and understanding.


Additional Comments

  1. Is there anything else you'd like to share about your workshop experience?


     The facilitator's expertise was evident and greatly contributed to the workshop's quality.

     The workshop location was comfortable, and the materials provided were helpful.


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Thank you for participating in our workshop and providing valuable feedback. Your input helps us continually improve our training programs.

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