Training Program Assessment Criteria HR


Program Name:

Advanced Sales Techniques Workshop

Program Date:


Program Overview:

The Advanced Sales Techniques Workshop aims to equip participants with advanced skills and strategies to enhance their sales performance. This document outlines the assessment criteria used to evaluate the effectiveness of the training program.


Assessment Categories:

The training program will be assessed based on the following categories:



Weightage (%)

Content Relevance

The extent to which the content aligns with job roles


Knowledge Transfer

The effectiveness of knowledge transfer methods


Engagement & Activities

Interactivity and engagement during the program


Skills Application

Application of learned skills in real-world scenarios


Assessment Criteria:

  1. Content Relevance (30%)

  •      Highly Relevant

  •      Relevant

  •      Somewhat Relevant

  •      Not Relevant

Comments: The content was relevant to the given topic and was understandable for everyone present at the workshop.


  1. Knowledge Transfer (25%)

  •      Excellent

  •     Good

  •     Average

  •     Below Average

  •     Poor

Comments: The Facilitator was adept at the subject matter and the participants were able to understand the given topic.


  1. Engagement & Activities (20%)

  •      Highly Engaging

  •      Engaging

  •      Somewhat Engaging

  •      Not Engaging

Comments: Activities were engaging and the participants were eager to participate.


  1. Skills Application (25%)

  •      Exceptional

  •      Proficient

  •      Adequate

  •      Limited

  •     Ineffective

Comments: Participants demonstrated proficiency in applying the learned sales techniques in real-world scenarios. It's clear that the skills gained are directly applicable to their roles and have positively impacted their performance. However, ongoing support and opportunities for practice in the workplace would further enhance skill retention and application.


Overall Program Assessment:

  •  Excellent

  • Good

  •   Average

  •   Below Average

  • Poor



Overall, the Advanced Sales Techniques Workshop was well-received by participants. The content was highly relevant to their roles, and the facilitator effectively conveyed advanced sales strategies. However, there is room for improvement in terms of engagement and interactivity during the program. Participants suggested more interactive activities and group discussions to enhance the learning experience. Additionally, offering follow-up resources or a post-workshop support system for applying the skills learned would be beneficial.


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