Lunch Invitation Letter

Lunch Invitation Letter



March 8, 2050



I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to extend to you an invite for a quaint and cordial lunch at [YOUR COMPANY NAME]. We have crossed paths a few times, and I thought it was a perfect time for us to delve deeper into a more relaxed and undisturbed environment for us to interact better.

The lunch is slated to take place on [DATE] at [TIME] and should end around [TIME]. I guarantee this will not take much of your time. On the menu is a varied array of delicious and appetizing entrees that have been carefully selected to ensure satisfaction.

Let’s take this time out of our busy schedules to rekindle our friendship and explore potential avenues of collaboration. Your acceptance would be highly appreciated. Kindly let me know at your earliest convenience if you will be able to attend.

Thank you in anticipation of your positive response.

Warm Regards,


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