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Get Professionally-written Invitation Letters that You can Use for Your Needed Travel with’s Free Printable Invitation Letter Templates. Choose Online from an Array of Letter Documents with Premade Dates of Letters Written, Recipients’ Names, Contact Information, Salutations, Statements, Invited Persons’ Names, and Signatures that You can Edit to Your Specifications. See more

Free Invitation Letter Template, Printable, Download offers different kinds of invitation letter templates that you can use for a visa sponsorship, tourist visa application, as a letter for an event, business invitation, Canadian visiting visa invitation letter, or a US visa letter of invitation. Choose from template samples with simple original content that are fillable and editable to your specific needs with help from our editor too. All template examples are free to download and easily printable in compatible printing devices.

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Choose your invitation letter template examples for personal, professional, or official reasons that you can edit online to fit your requirements. Get different kinds of invitation letter template samples for meetings, parties, events, businesses, guest speaker invitations, tourist visas, conferences, immigration, graduations, or seminars. Whether you’re inviting a visitor, friend, or family member, get your invitation letters right here for free that you can download in PDF or PNG file format.


  • What is an Invitation Letter?

      An invitation letter is a written formal message, request or favor, on a particular day for a person or community to come to a specific event.

  • What are the Types of an Invitation Letter?

      1. Personal Invitation
      It is an invitation written by an individual to persuade guests to attend a birthday party or wedding.
      2. Business Invitation
      It is an invitation written by different sectors, firms, or companies for business purposes. 

  • Why is it Important?

      Invitation letters help control the number of crowds that would come on a special occasion. It would also invite a limited number of guests that would come in a specific event that is only intended for a particular individual like entrepreneurs for business conferences or seminars. Plus, it would also make the guests or your friends feel valued and special. 

  • What is the format of an Invitation Letter?

      1. Date issued
      2. Letterhead or the heading
      3. Salutation
      4. Introduction or first paragraph
      5. The body of the letter or the second paragraph
      6. Closing paragraph
      7. Name of the sender with signature

  • What makes an excellent Invitation Letter?

      1. A clear statement, purpose, and intention
      2. Polite, formal, and courteous use of words
      3. It has a style in writing composition
      4. Sincere message
      5. With contact information 
      6. Complete details