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Date of Plan: [Date]

Employee Name: [Employee Name]

Position: [Employee Position]


This Skills Development Plan is designed to outline the professional development goals and objectives for [Employee Name]. It aims to identify areas for improvement and establish a clear path for skill enhancement to support career growth and contribute effectively to the organization.

Current Skill Assessment:

Skill Area

Current Proficiency Level

Areas of Strength

Areas for Improvement

Sales Strategy


Strategic thinking

Market analysis

Goals for Skill Development:

Based on the current skill assessment, the following skill development goals have been identified:

Goal 1: Market Analysis Proficiency

  • Objective: Enhance skills in market analysis to better understand customer needs and competition.

  • Target Proficiency Level: 4.5/5

Goal 2:

Goal 3:

Goal 4:

Development Strategies:

To achieve the identified skill development goals, the following strategies and actions will be implemented:

1. Training and Courses:

  • Goal 1: Enroll in a Market Analysis Certification Course.

  • Goal 2: Attend Conflict Resolution Workshops.

  • Goal 3: Participate in Advanced Data Analysis Webinars.

  • Goal 4: Take a Technical Communication Course.

2. Mentoring and Coaching:

3. On-the-Job Learning:

4. Self-Study:


Specify the timeline for achieving each skill development goal and track progress regularly.

Skill Development Goal

Timeline for Achievement

Progress Tracking

Goal 1

October - December 2050

Monthly assessments

Goal 2

Goal 3

Goal 4


Regular assessments and feedback sessions will be conducted to measure progress and adjust the Skills Development Plan as needed.

Employee's Acknowledgment:

I acknowledge the contents of this Skills Development Plan and commit to actively participating in skill development activities to achieve the outlined goals.

Employee's Signature:


Date: [Date]

Supervisor's Acknowledgment:

I support the development of [Employee Name] and will provide the necessary resources and guidance to ensure the successful execution of this Skills Development Plan.

Supervisor's Signature:


Date: [Date]

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