Sales Collateral Distribution Checklist

Sales Collateral Distribution Checklist

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Inventory Assessment:

  • Conduct a review of all existing sales collateral materials.

  • Identify gaps in the collateral portfolio that need to be addressed.

Collateral Update and Creation:

  • Clearly define the target audience for each piece of sales collateral.

  • Update existing collateral to reflect any changes in our branding standards.

  • Develop new collateral to fill identified gaps.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) System Utilization:

  • Upload updated and new collateral to our Digital Asset Management System,.

  • Ensure that the DAM system is accessible to all relevant team members.

  • Communicate the availability of new and updated sales collateral to the team.

  • Provide training on how to effectively use the collateral in sales conversations.

  • Implement a system for tracking the usage of each piece of sales collateral.

Performance Monitoring and Reporting:

  • Regularly review performance data to identify opportunities for optimization.

  • Conduct regular audits of all sales collateral.

  • Update any collateral as needed to maintain compliance and brand alignment.

  • Incorporate insights gained from performance monitoring and feedback.

Note: Adherence to these steps will support our sales team in engaging potential clients and closing sales with the most up-to-date and impactful materials available.

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