Sales Closing Checklist

Sales Closing Checklist

This comprehensive checklist delineates crucial steps to ensure effective and successful sales closures. Follow each section systematically to maximize your profits and secure customer loyalty.

Closing Preparation

Review the entire sales process and customer journey.

Ensure that all necessary documents and contracts are prepared.

Confirm that all client questions or objections have been addressed.

Verify that the customer's needs and expectations have been thoroughly understood.

Document Verification

Review and confirm the accuracy of the contract or agreement.

Check that all terms and conditions have been clearly stated.

Ensure that pricing, payment terms, and any discounts are accurate.

Verify that the contract includes all necessary legal clauses and disclosures.

Customer Confirmation

Contact the customer to confirm their understanding and acceptance of the deal.

Ensure the customer is aware of the next steps and what to expect.

Answer any final questions or concerns the customer may have.

Confirm the customer's agreement and readiness to proceed.

Internal Review

Consult with the sales manager or team lead for a final review.

Ensure that all team members are aligned on the deal's status.

Address any outstanding internal matters or approvals.

Verify that all internal processes have been followed.

Closing Call or Meeting

Schedule and conduct a closing call or meeting with the customer.

Present the final proposal or contract.

Review key terms and answer any final questions.

Obtain the customer's verbal or written agreement to proceed.

Follow-up and Documentation

Send the final contract or agreement to the customer for their signature.

Document the customer's agreement and any notes from the closing meeting.

Share the deal's status with the sales team or relevant stakeholders.

Set a reminder for follow-up actions and next steps.

Confirmation and Celebration

Confirm the deal's closure and successful completion.

Celebrate the successful closing with the sales team.

Send a thank-you note or message to the customer.

Update the CRM and sales records with the deal's status.

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