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Sales Event Staffing Checklist


This comprehensive checklist is designed to assist in effectively staffing a sales event. It is divided into eight distinct sections, each critical to the seamless operation of the event. This checklist ensures all staffing needs are anticipated and met, providing a structured approach to event management.




Pre-Event Strategic Planning

Identify Key Roles

Outline specific duties for sales leads, product demonstrators, greeters, logistics, etc.

Estimate Headcount

Determine the number of staff needed based on event size: e.g., 40 staff for an event expecting 1,000 attendees.

Assign Team Leaders

Select experienced personnel to manage different staff groups.

Recruitment and Selection

Launch Recruitment Campaign

Use job boards, [Your Company Social Media], and staffing agencies to source candidates.

Screen Applications

Review applications and resumes to shortlist candidates for interviews.

Conduct Interviews

Hold face-to-face or virtual interviews to assess skills and experience.

Training and Development

Develop Training Materials

Create guides and videos on product knowledge, sales tactics, and customer engagement.

Schedule Training Sessions

Organize sessions, preferably one month before the event, e.g., from 2050-12-01 to 2050-12-05.

Evaluate Training Outcomes

Assess staff readiness through quizzes or role-play scenarios.

Inventory and Equipment Handling

Confirm Product Inventory

Verify stock levels for all display and sale items, including backups.

Equipment Check

Ensure all demonstration units, AV equipment, and payment systems are fully operational.

Training and Development

Allocate Stations

Designate areas for product demonstration, sales transactions, and customer service.

Finalize Event Layout

Confirm the floor plan, including booths, product display areas, and signage placements.

Emergency Preparedness

Plan for medical emergencies, power outages, and other unexpected events.

Each task should be tracked for completion as the event planning progresses. Assigning specific team members to each task will ensure accountability and efficiency. Remember, the key to a successful sales event is thorough preparation and clear communication among all team members.

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