Job Interview Complaint Letter

Job Interview Complaint Letter

Sender's Address:
Michael Brown

202 Maple Street

House A

Village Heights, USA 34567

January 1st 2050

Recipient's Address:
Mr. Michael Smith
InnovateTech Labs
303 Cedar Court

Lot 15

Countryside, USA 45678

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am writing this letter to formally express my concerns and disappointment regarding my recent job interview experience at InnovateTech Labs on December 21st 2049. I believe it is important to share my feedback to help improve the interview process and ensure a fair and professional experience for all future candidates.

During the interview, I noticed several issues that greatly affected my overall impression of the company. Firstly, there was a lack of preparedness and organization on behalf of the interview panel. The interview started 30 minutes late, causing unnecessary stress and anxiety. Additionally, the panelists seemed ill-informed about my background and the specific role I was being interviewed for, which led to a misalignment in the questions asked.

Furthermore, the interview environment was far from welcoming. The interview room was untidy and not properly set up, which reflected a lack of attention to detail. Additionally, the panelists appeared disinterested and unengaged throughout the interview, which made it difficult for me to establish a connection or effectively communicate my skills and qualifications.

Despite my efforts to remain positive and professional, I left the interview feeling disappointed and undervalued as a candidate. A successful interview should reflect the values and culture of the company, as well as provide a fair opportunity for candidates to showcase their abilities. Unfortunately, my experience with InnovateTech Labs fell short of these expectations.

I would like to suggest that InnovateTech Labs takes the necessary steps to improve the interview process. This could include ensuring panelists are well-prepared, creating a welcoming and professional interview environment, and promoting active engagement and interest from the interviewers.

I hope that my feedback will be taken seriously and used constructively to enhance the interview process for future candidates. I believe that by addressing these concerns, InnovateTech Labs can attract top talent and create a positive reputation as an employer of choice.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I would appreciate a timely response including any actions taken to address these issues.


Michael Brown

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