Conference Visa Invitation Letter

Conference Visa Invitation Letter

Christopher T. Rivera

3799 Cambridge Drive

Phoenix, AZ 85034

November 1, 2052

Kelvin J. Teske

The Embassy

545 Hanifan Lane

Atlanta, GA 30303

Dear Mr. Teske,

I am writing to formally invite Mr. Oliver L. Kim, a resident of the US, to visit Scotland. The purpose of his visit is to attend the 26th Renown Conference as a participant.

Mr. Kim holds a respected position as a Chief Financial Officer at Milson Hotel Group. As his direct supervisor, I can vouch for his strong work ethic, commitment, and authenticity. It is my belief that his attendance at the conference will not only benefit him personally but will also contribute to the advancement of knowledge and collaboration in our industry.

The conference is scheduled to take place from January 15, 2053, to January 21, 2053. During this period, Mr. Kim intends to actively engage in discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities related to hospitality. Furthermore, he plans to visit various local businesses and academic institutions to gain further insights into the hospitality industry.

Please be informed that the Milson Hotel Group will be fully responsible for all expenses related to Mr. Kim's travel, accommodation, and daily needs during his stay. We have taken all necessary measures to ensure his financial stability and adherence to the visa requirements.

Enclosed, you will find documents showcasing his substantial ties to his home country. These include his employment contract, bank statements, and a letter from the US government confirming his role and the importance of his participation in professional events.

It is our sincere hope that you will grant Mr. Kim the necessary visa to enter Scotland. We assure you that he will comply with all immigration regulations and will depart on the agreed-upon date.

Should you require any further documentation or information, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]. We appreciate your attention to this matter and hope for a favorable and timely response.

Thank you for considering Mr. Oliver L. Kim's visa application.


Christopher T. Rivera

Chief Management Officer

Milson Hotel Group