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Dubai Visa Invitation Letter

Dubai Visa Invitation Letter

Miguel Santos
488 Adams Drive
Houston, TX 77099
United States

January 10, 2050

Rachel Samir
P.O Box 50098
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dear Rachel Samir,

It is my pleasure to invite Edward Walker, a representative of Genti LLC, as a keynote speaker to Dubai on behalf of our company, Genti LLC. Edward Walker will be visiting Dubai for the purpose of participating in the OneTeam International Business conference.

Edward Walker intends to stay in Dubai for a duration of30 days. During his visit, he will be delivering a keynote speech and engaging in various professional activities related to the conference.

We hereby confirm that we will take full financial responsibility for Edward Walker's visit, including all accommodation, transportation, and daily expenses. We also assure you that Edward Walker will strictly adhere to the immigration laws and regulations of Dubai throughout his stay.

Please find enclosed the necessary documents providing proof of Edward Walker's ties to his home country, including his employment contract and reasons for his return. We believe that these documents substantiate Edward Walker's intention to return to United States upon the completion of his visit.

We kindly request your favorable consideration of Edward Walker's visa application and hope that you find his visit beneficial to the Dubai community. Should you require any further information or have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me through the provided email or telephone number below.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and we sincerely hope for a positive outcome regarding Edward Walker's visa application.


Miguel Santos
Genti LLC
[email protected]
Tel: 222 555 7777