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Handover Note: Water Wise Sustainability Project

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Water Wise Sustainability

SolarFlare Communications

Gladys J. King

Elizabeth S. Marshall


Hello Elizabeth,

You are now taking over the WaterWise Sustainability project at SolarFlare Communications. This handover note covers everything you need to know to get you started and continue managing this initiative effectively.

Office Handover Note - Pending Tasks

  • Finalize the water conservation audit report and share it with the Sustainability team by the end of Q1, 2050.

  • Initiate steps to improve rainwater harvesting systems at all facility sites.

  • Reach out to the Marketing Team for initiating a public awareness campaign on water conservation practices.

Key Stakeholders

  • Lennie C. Hill, Product Development Lead. Responsible for incorporating sustainable technologies in our product lineup.

  • Maurice A. Muff, Marketing Manager. Responsible for executing the water conservation awareness campaign.

Professional Approach

  • Maintain a systematic and professional approach towards accomplishing project initiatives.

  • Ensure regular communication with all stakeholders through weekly/bi-weekly status updates and meetings.

  • Always keep the company’s sustainability goals in focus while making any project-related decisions.

Your inclusion in this project is a testament to your professional skills, and we are confident that the project will benefit greatly from your leadership.

Additional Notes:

  • SolarFlare Communications aims to reduce water consumption by 20% by the end of 2050 and your role in achieving this target is critical.

  • Office handover records and previous project documentation can be found in the company's internal share drive under the directory: "Water Wise Project".

Best of luck with your new role.




Gladys J. King

Elizabeth S. Marshall

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