Goal Setting Session Outline HR




June 10, 2050


10:00 AM


[Your Name]


Conference Room 2


1. Introduction

10 minutes

Welcome and introductions

Overview of the session's purpose and objectives

2. Review Of Past Quarter Goals

15 minutes

Recap the goals set in the previous quarter

Discuss successes and areas that need improvement

3. Setting The Stage

10 minutes

Emphasize the importance of goal setting in the context of the digital advertising industry

Share recent industry trends and challenges

4. Brainstorming  Goals For The Next Quarter

20 minutes

In a group discussion, identify potential goals for the next quarter

Encourage creativity and diversity in goal suggestions

5. Prioritizing Goals

15 minutes

Have team members vote on the most critical goals

Discuss the rationale behind their choices

6. Setting SMART Goals

20 minutes

Break down the selected goals into specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound objectives

Assign responsibility for each goal

7. Creating Action Plans

25 minutes

For each goal, brainstorm and outline specific action steps

Determine key performance indicators (KPIs) to track progress

8. Setting Deadlines

10 minutes

Assign realistic deadlines for each action step

Ensure that deadlines align with project timelines

9. Identifying Resources And Potential Challenges

15 minutes

Discuss the resources needed to achieve the goals, such as additional training or software

Identify potential obstacles and strategies to mitigate them

10. Accountability And Reporting

10 minutes

Discuss how team members will hold themselves and each other accountable

Outline the reporting structure for goal progress

11. Review And Recap

10 minutes

Summarize the goals, action plans, deadlines, and accountability measures

Address any questions or concerns

12. Closure

5 minutes

Thank participants for their active participation

Remind everyone of the importance of achieving these goals for the team's success

13. Follow-Up And Evaluation

5 minutes

Schedule bi-weekly check-ins to track progress

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