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Employee Onboarding Questionnaire


Welcome to [Your Company Name]! We're thrilled to have you onboard. This questionnaire is designed to help us understand your needs and preferences, ensuring a smooth transition into our company. Your responses will be used to provide you with the best onboarding experience possible.


Employee Details:

Full Name: [Name]

Date of Joining: May 07, 2052

Email Address: [Email]

Position: [Job Title]

Contact Number: [Number]

Department: [Department]

Preferred Work Schedule


9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


10:00 AM - 6:00 PM



Hardware/Software Needs






Additional Monitor

Where do you feel most productive when working?

I prefer a window-side desk to get a bit of sunlight, but also need a quiet environment.

Are you familiar with the software/tools we use at [Your Company Name]? Please list those you've previously used.

Yes, I have used Microsoft Teams and Trello in my previous job.

Describe a challenging situation you encountered in a previous role and how you handled it.

At my previous job, there was a major communication breakdown between two teams. I took the initiative to arrange a joint meeting, created a platform for open discussion, and facilitated a workflow to make sure the teams were in sync.


How do you prefer to be onboarded?

I find one-on-one training sessions more effective for initial understanding, followed by group sessions for broader team processes.


What specific areas or skills would you like to develop during your time at [Your Company Name]?

I would love to develop my skills in project management and also take on some leadership training if possible.


How can we improve your onboarding experience or is there something specific you'd like to know or be introduced to during your first week?

I would love to have a buddy or mentor during my first month to help guide me through processes and answer any questions I might have.



Signature Section:



Interviewer's Signature:                                                         Candidate's Signature:



[Your Name]                                                                          [Name]

[Job Title]                                                                               [Job Title]

May 07, 2052                                                                          May 07, 2052






Thank you for sharing this information. We look forward to making your onboarding experience as comfortable and effective as possible. Welcome to [Your Company Name]!


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