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Date of Meeting: [Date]

Location: Virtual Meeting via Zoom

Committee Chair: [Your Name]

Recorder: [Your Name]

Attendees: [List of attendees]

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by [Your Name], the Committee Chair, at precisely 10:00 AM. The chair welcomed all attendees, emphasizing the importance of the Rewards Committee in shaping the company's employee engagement and retention strategies. A brief overview of the agenda was provided to set the context for the discussions that would follow.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the previous meeting held on [Date], were presented by [Your Name], the Recorder. Each attendee received a copy prior to the meeting for review. A motion to approve the minutes was made by [Name] and seconded by [Name]. After a brief discussion, the minutes were approved unanimously, ensuring that the committee's previous decisions were accurately recorded and could be acted upon.

Old Business

A. Employee Recognition Program

The Employee Recognition Program was revisited, with [Your Name] presenting the latest participation metrics. The program saw a 20% increase in participation since the last quarter. Various suggestions were made to further enhance the program, such as introducing new categories of awards and involving employees in the nomination process. A sub-committee was formed to delve deeper into these suggestions.

B. Bonus Structure

The existing bonus structure was scrutinized in light of the company's evolving goals. A proposal was presented to align the bonus criteria more closely with [Your Company Name]'s strategic objectives. The committee agreed to form a sub-committee to investigate various bonus models and report back at the next meeting.

New Business

A. Salary Benchmarking

The topic of salary benchmarking was introduced by [Your Name]. Data from industry surveys were presented, revealing some gaps between current salaries and industry averages. The committee discussed the potential impact of these gaps on employee retention and agreed to explore adjustments in the next fiscal year.


Current Salary

Industry Average


Software Engineer



- $5,000

HR Manager




B. Employee Benefits

A comprehensive proposal was presented to introduce new employee benefits, such as remote work options and mental health support programs. The committee agreed that these benefits could significantly improve employee well-being and work-life balance. A survey will be conducted to gauge employee interest and feedback.


A. Financial Report

The financial report was presented by [Your Name], detailing the current status of the rewards budget. The committee was pleased to note that expenditures were in line with the budget, with no significant deviations. This financial stability allows for the exploration of new reward initiatives.

B. Employee Feedback

The latest employee satisfaction survey results were shared. With an overall satisfaction rate of 85%, the committee discussed the areas that could be improved, such as career development opportunities and work environment enhancements.

Other Matters

No other matters were raised during the meeting. However, the chair encouraged members to bring any additional topics to the next meeting for discussion, emphasizing the committee's role in continuously improving the company's rewards and recognition programs.


The meeting was adjourned at [Time] by [Your Name], the Committee Chair. Members were thanked for their active participation and contributions. The date for the next meeting was set for [Date], and will be confirmed via email.

Prepared by: [Your Name]

Approved by: [Your Name], Committee Chair

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