HR Meeting Minute Templates

Document Your HR Meetings Property Using’s Free HR Meeting Minutes Templates. Our Collection Includes HR Staff and Management Team Meetings. You Can Also Use Each Template during a Safety Committee, Directors, Project Management, and Business Startup Meetings. Aside from Their Beautiful Designs, These Templates Also Have Sample Content for Their Users’ Guidance.See more

For the human resource to complete its tasks or solve its problems, communication is important. The team must have meetings to discuss specific topics to function successfully. But when it comes to a meeting, it's crucial to remember to have a record of all the vital topics discussed and agreed with. So, your meeting minutes must be present. For that, check out our collection of ready-made HR Meeting Minutes Templates. These templates are easy to use and customize. It has helpful suggestive content, too. Don't wait for tomorrow, but download a meeting minutes template now

What Are HR Meeting Minutes?

HR meeting minutes are records of the topics discussed in HR team meetings. These documents are usually for recording the action items, updates, or follow-ups. 

How to Write HR Meeting Minutes

One of the crucial parts during a meeting is the recording of all the essential details. If your HR meeting ever forgets to record what happened and what you've discussed in the meeting, that'll be a big problem. So, you need meeting minutes to avoid that, and to help you start, check out the tips below.

1. Write the Date, Time, and Setting

Always start your team meeting minutes with recording the date, time, and setting of the meeting. These details are crucial to avoid confusing the meeting minutes with the other HR meetings you have. 

2. List the Attendees

Like any other meetings: council meeting, business meeting, etc., having a list of the attendees is important. It's best to take note of the people present and also list those who are absent. You can also use the list to know who to send the meeting minutes after you've finalized the copy.

3. Write the Meeting Agenda

A meeting agenda pertains to the items or list of activities that a meeting has to follow. According to the Doodle: The State of Meeting Report 2019, 67% believe that having a clear agenda is key to making a meeting successful. Having an agenda will make your meeting smoother compared to having none. You can list the meeting agenda on the HR staff meeting minutes before the meeting starts.

4. Focus on the Important Details 

When it comes to HR meetings, there's no need to write all the details on the meeting minutes. Doing this will waste your time and effort. All you need to do is to determine which among the discussed topics are worth taking notes.

5. Itemize the Action Items 

Your sample meeting minutes need to include a record of the action items. Action items are the steps that people assign to any employee to complete. When you list the action items, be sure to include the task, responsible person, and the deadline. 


  • How soon after a meeting should minutes be distributed?

      As the minute taker, you have to distribute the document within 24 hours since the memories about the meeting are still fresh to you and the attendees. 

  • Who usually takes the minutes of a meeting?

      The person who usually takes the minutes of a meeting is the secretary (minutes taker). 

  • What should not be included in the meeting minutes?

      Meeting minutes are formal documents, which means that you can't include personal observations or opinions on these documents. You must remain impartial and unbiased in taking down notes.

  • What are the types of minutes of the meeting?

      The three types of meeting minutes are verbatim, discussion, and action. These three are the standard types or styles you can use when taking notes.

  • What is HR in a company?

      Human resource is a segment in a company that's responsible for managing the employees' pay and benefits. It also works to find, interview, and train applicants.