Recognition Committee Minutes HR

Recognition Committee Minutes

Meeting Date:

[September 20, 2051]

Meeting Time:

[10:00 AM]


Conference Room A, 5th Floor, [Your Company Name] Headquarters





[Your Name]

[Your Email]

Human Resources Manager


  1. Call to Order

  • Meeting called to order by [Your Name] at [10:00 AM].

  1. Review of Previous Minutes

  • Minutes of the previous meeting held on [July 15, 2051], were reviewed and approved.

  1. Nominations for Recognition

  • The committee reviewed nominations for recognition received from various sources.

  • The nominees were [John Doe] (due to his exceptional leadership during the [XYZ project]) and [Jane Smith] (due to her outstanding customer service performance).

  1. Discussion

  • The committee discussed the eligibility and merits of each nominee.

  • Criteria for recognition, including exceeding quarterly goals and demonstrating exceptional teamwork, were considered.

  • Questions and clarifications were addressed.

  1. Voting and Decision

  • A vote was conducted.

  • [John Doe] received 4 votes in favor.

  • [Jane Smith] received 5 votes in favor.

  1. Action Items

  • [Your Name] will notify the selected recipients of their recognition and coordinate the recognition event.

  • [John Smith] will update records with the names of the recognized individuals.

  • [Michael Anderson] will ensure the recognition event logistics are in place.

  1. Next Meeting

The next Recognition Committee meeting is scheduled for [October 10, 2051].

Proposed topics for the next meeting include reviewing the annual recognition budget and planning the recognition ceremony.

This Recognition Committee Minutes is provided by [Your Company Name] for the purpose of documenting recognition committee meetings.

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