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Sales Proposal Variation Document

Sales Proposal Variation Document

Date: [Date]

Parties Involved:


[Client Name]


[Your Company Name]

Reference: Original Sales Proposal Dated [Date]

Description Of Changes

This section outlines the proposed modifications to the original sales proposal, which are crucial to align the project with the evolving needs and objectives of [Client]:

Scope Of Work Enhancement

The expansion of the scope of work aims to incorporate advanced website development features and functionality, including but not limited to dynamic e-commerce capabilities, integration with third-party platforms, and enhanced user experience features. These additions are based on comprehensive discussions and mutual agreement between [Client] and [Your Company Name]. The inclusion of these elements is deemed essential to provide a cutting-edge digital solution that effectively meets the client's evolving demands and industry standards.

Timeline Extension

To accommodate the additional work and ensure the highest quality deliverables, the project timeline will be extended by four weeks. The revised project completion date, now set to [Date], allows for a more comprehensive development and testing phase. This extension is essential to ensure that the project meets the heightened performance expectations and secures a seamless launch.

Pricing Adjustment

In light of the expanded scope of work and the extended timeline, the pricing for the project will be adjusted accordingly. The new pricing structure reflects the additional efforts, resources, and expertise required to fulfill the client's updated vision. It encompasses the cost of development, quality assurance, project management, and any additional tools or resources necessary for a successful project completion.

These changes represent a collaborative effort between [Client] and [Your Company Name], with the shared goal of delivering a digital solution that not only fulfills the initial vision but also adapts to the dynamic demands of the marketplace, ensuring a competitive edge and long-term success.


The proposed changes stem from a careful analysis of the evolving dynamics of the project since the original proposal was drafted. Our collaborative discussions and the client's evolving needs have revealed that the inclusion of additional features and functionality is essential to not only meet but exceed the client's evolving objectives and expectations. The newly introduced elements are critical for optimizing the project's potential for success and aligning it with industry best practices. This adjustment is driven by our shared commitment to delivering an exceptional and fully tailored solution that will enhance the client's competitive edge and long-term success.


The proposed changes will take effect immediately upon mutual agreement, with the extended timeline carefully structured to ensure a seamless integration of the additional work into the project schedule. The new project completion date is set for [Date], allowing for a comprehensive and unhurried approach to project execution. This extension aligns with our commitment to delivering a high-quality solution that fully encompasses the client's evolving needs, maintaining the utmost attention to detail and excellence in every project phase.

Cost Implications

The proposed changes have important cost implications that both parties should be aware of and agree upon. These changes necessitate adjustments to the project's financial aspects, as follows:

Additional Work

The incorporation of extra features and functionality results in an increase in the project's overall scope. Consequently, additional labor, materials, and resources will be required, leading to an adjusted project cost.

Revised Pricing Structure

To align with the expanded scope of work and the extended timeline, we have recalculated the pricing structure. The new pricing structure reflects the added work and the cost of resources required to complete the project successfully.

Total Project Cost

The new total project cost is $[x], inclusive of all changes and additions. This cost includes the expanded scope of work and accounts for any unforeseen expenses related to these modifications.

These cost implications have been meticulously assessed to ensure transparency and fairness to both parties, with the aim of delivering the project to the client's satisfaction. Your understanding and acceptance of these adjustments are appreciated.


Both parties, the client, and [Your Company Name] have reviewed and agreed to the proposed changes outlined in this Sales Proposal Variation Document. Signatures below indicate mutual consent.


[Client Representative Name]                                                              



[Company Representative Name]


Legal And Compliance Considerations

In alignment with the principles of transparency and integrity, both parties acknowledge the paramount importance of adhering to all relevant legal and compliance requirements associated with this project. This commitment extends to but is not limited to:

Data Protection

Both parties agree to continue complying with all applicable data protection and privacy regulations, ensuring the secure handling and processing of sensitive data in accordance with prevailing laws.

Intellectual Property

Any new intellectual property or proprietary rights arising from the proposed changes shall be addressed as stipulated in the original agreement, with all associated rights and responsibilities upheld.

Regulatory Compliance

The parties will remain diligent in their adherence to any industry-specific or regional regulations that pertain to the project, including any licensing or certification requirements.

Contractual Obligations

The terms and conditions of the original sales proposal and any supplementary agreements will be upheld with the same commitment to excellence and professionalism.

Both parties are fully responsible for maintaining vigilance over these and any other legal and compliance considerations that may arise during the course of this project, with the understanding that adherence to these standards is foundational to our partnership's success.

Change Order Process

Change Request

If either party wishes to make further changes to the project beyond those detailed in this Sales Proposal Variation Document, a formal written change request must be submitted. The change request should include a description of the proposed modification, its rationale, the expected impact on project cost and timeline, and any other relevant details.


Upon receiving a change request, both parties will engage in a collaborative evaluation process. This evaluation will assess the feasibility, impact, and necessity of the proposed change. A prompt response to the change request is encouraged to avoid project delays.


Changes that are mutually agreed upon will be documented in a subsequent Sales Proposal Variation Document or change order. This new document will detail the modified scope, timeline, pricing, and any other relevant elements, similar to the current document.


Once a new Sales Proposal Variation Document or change order is signed by both parties, the changes will be incorporated into the project, and the project team will proceed accordingly.


Effective communication is crucial throughout the change order process. Both parties shall promptly inform each other of any issues, concerns, or potential changes that may affect the project. This ensures transparency and proactive decision-making.

Project Communication And Reporting

Effective communication is vital for the successful execution of this project, especially in light of the proposed changes. The following guidelines and expectations are established:

Project Manager

Both parties agree to designate a project manager responsible for overseeing and coordinating all project activities. The project manager will serve as the main point of contact for project-related discussions.

Communication Channels

The client and [Your Company Name] will maintain open and regular communication through email, phone calls, and scheduled meetings as necessary. Any significant project-related discussions, decisions, or clarifications will be documented in writing for reference.

Progress Reporting

[Your Company Name] will provide regular progress reports to the client, which will detail the status of the project, work completed, upcoming milestones, and any issues or concerns. Reports will be delivered on a bi-weekly basis.

Change Request Process

Any further changes or modifications to the project beyond those outlined in this Sales Proposal Variation Document will require formal change requests. These requests will be evaluated, documented, and approved in accordance with the agreed-upon change management process, which includes cost and timeline considerations.

Issue Resolution

In the event of project-related issues or disputes, both parties commit to promptly address and resolve them through open and constructive dialogue. If a resolution cannot be reached amicably, the dispute resolution mechanisms as outlined in the "Terms and Conditions" section will apply.

Client's Responsibilities

The client agrees to provide [Your Company Name] with all necessary information, assets, and feedback in a timely manner to facilitate project progress. Delays caused by the client in providing required materials may affect the project timeline.

Communication Channels

Both parties agree to maintain open and regular communication throughout the project. All project-related communication shall primarily occur via email, with the respective project managers serving as the primary points of contact. Any significant project-related information or updates will be documented and shared through formal written communication.

Status Updates

[Your Company Name] will provide regular status updates to the client, including progress reports and milestone achievements. The frequency and format of these updates will be determined and agreed upon at the start of the project.

Issue Resolution

Any project-related issues or concerns that may arise will be promptly communicated by either party to the other. A written record of issues, their resolution, and any resulting changes will be maintained.

Change Requests

If additional changes to the project scope or requirements are identified after the submission of this Sales Proposal Variation Document, they must be submitted in writing by the client. [Your Company Name] will then evaluate these requests and provide an estimate of the impact on the project timeline and costs for client approval.

Reporting And Documentation

All project-related documentation, including project plans, progress reports, and documentation of approved changes, will be maintained and made available to both parties as needed. Documentation may also include test plans, user manuals, and any other relevant project artifacts.

Terms And Conditions

All parties involved acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions governing this Sales Proposal Variation Document:

1. Original Contract: This Sales Proposal Variation Document is an amendment to the original sales proposal dated [Date]. It does not nullify or replace any terms and conditions set forth in the original contract but rather supplements and modifies them as stated herein.

2. Scope Of Work: The expanded scope of work detailed in this document will be executed in accordance with the standards and specifications agreed upon in the original proposal.

3. Pricing And Payments: The revised pricing structure outlined in this document will be adhered to. Payments will continue to be made as per the payment schedule established in the original contract.

4. Project Timeline: The extended project timeline is accepted by both parties and is deemed an integral part of the project schedule.

5. Project Delivery: The client acknowledges that project delivery dates may change in response to the proposed modifications, and any such changes will be communicated promptly.

6. Warranties: All warranties provided in the original contract, including any modifications and additions made in this variation document, remain in effect as specified in the original proposal.

7. Dispute Resolution: Any disputes arising from this variation document will be addressed in accordance with the dispute resolution mechanisms established in the original contract.

8. Governing Law: This variation document, like the original contract, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of [Jurisdiction] without regard to its conflict of laws principles.

9. Severability: If any provision of this variation document is determined to be unenforceable or invalid, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

10. Entire Agreement: This Sales Proposal Variation Document, in conjunction with the original contract, constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes any prior or contemporaneous agreements, representations, or understandings.

This Sales Proposal Variation Document is hereby accepted and serves as an official amendment to the original sales proposal.

By signing this document, the client and [Your Company Name] confirm their understanding and acceptance of the proposed variations and the associated terms and conditions.



[Client Representative]




[Company Representative]


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