Briefing Note

Implementing Sustainable Practices

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Current Status

In recent years, the push for sustainable strategies has become a central consideration for many businesses. Many companies have started implementing green policies, recognizing not only the environmental benefits but also the potential for cost-saving and public goodwill. However, the current status of implementation varies from one company to another and largely depends on the understanding, resources, and emphasis placed by corporate governance.


Despite the understanding and the benefits of shifting towards sustainable practices, several challenges make the transition difficult. These challenges range from financial implications, technology gaps, regulatory obstacles, and awareness about sustainable practices.

Potential Solutions

Various solutions could be utilized to overcome these challenges. Firstly, the commitment from the top management could drive the rest of the company to be in line with sustainable practices. Furthermore, advanced training on the importance and the implementation of these practices could also be a solution. Lastly, forging partnerships with stakeholders that support sustainability could prove beneficial for the company.

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