Startup Advisory Board Invitation Notice

Startup Advisory Board Invitation Notice

Dear [Recipient's Name],

We are pleased to extend an invitation for you to join our newly formed Advisory Board for our startup venture, [Your Company Name]. We believe that with your expertise, industry insights and strategic vision, you can provide valuable guidance in the growth trajectory and business direction of our startup.

We are a team committed to creating the future. We have curated a diverse board of experienced industry leaders, entrepreneurs and consultants to aid us in this journey. Your addition to the board would highly complement our existing perspectives and provide a well-rounded board that will be integral in steering our startup to success.

Our Advisory Board is expected to meet on a quarterly basis. The meetings will be organized virtually unless otherwise advised, and will commence from [Month, Day, Year]. We understand that your time is valuable, and hence we promise that we will try to make these meetings as time-efficient and productive as possible. Your participation can be flexible, based on your comfortability and availability. We are hoping for a minimum commitment of one year but are open for a setup that works in your favor.

We firmly believe that your participation in our board would engender mutual benefit. We're interested in your insights, advice, and expertise, and in return, we hope this opportunity allows you to expand your network and gain deeper understanding and insights into our specific industry.

Please consider this invitation, and let us know your thoughts at the earliest, as we are planning to announce our Advisory Board soon. If you have any questions about this invitation, you can reach us at [Your Company Email].

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,

[Your Name]

[Your Job Title]

[Month, Day, Year]

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