Startup Founders' Meeting Minute

Startup Founders' Meeting Minutes

Topic: Q1 Strategy Planning

Date: [Date]

Time: [Time]


Location: [YOUR COMPANY NAME] Headquarters


  • Jonathan Wilkins - CEO

  • [Your Name] - CTO

  • [Your Name] - CFO

  • [Your Name] - COO

  • [Your Name] - Meeting Minute Taker

Meeting Agenda:

1. Q1 Targets: Discussion on financial and performance targets for the first quarter.

2. Project Updates: Round table updates from each department about ongoing projects.

3. Strategic Goals: Brainstorming strategies to meet Q1 targets.

4. Budget Review: Review and approval of the proposed Q1 budget.

Decisions Made:

Agenda Items


Q1 Targets

Agreed upon a 20% increase in sales targets from Q4 2022.

Project Updates

No critical issues reported. Green light for all ongoing projects.

Strategic Goals

Decided to focus on digital marketing initiatives to boost Q1 sales.

Budget Review

Approved the proposed budget with a 10% contingency fund.

Action Items:

1. CEO to finalize Q1 targets. [Your Name] will finalize the Q1 targets and distribute them to the respective departments.

2. CTO to monitor project progress. [Your Name] will continue to monitor the progress of ongoing projects and update the core team regularly.

3. CFO to manage the approved budget. [Your Name] will oversee the implementation of the approved budget.

Next Meeting:

Date: [Date]

Agenda: Review of Q1 progress, discussion on Q2 planning.

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