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Sales Questionnaire on Agreement Compliance


Please answer the following questions to the best of your knowledge and abilities. Your input is crucial for evaluating our compliance with sales agreements and contracts.


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I. Compliance Monitoring

  1. How do you ensure you stay compliant with the terms and conditions of your sales agreements? Please describe your compliance monitoring process.

I regularly review the agreements and create a checklist to track compliance. Additionally, I communicate with the customer to confirm adherence and address any issues promptly.

  1. Have you encountered any challenges in meeting the terms of your sales agreements? If so, please explain the nature of the challenges and how they were resolved.

II. Documentation and Record Keeping

  1. How do you maintain records related to sales agreements, including communication records, order forms, and other relevant documents?

  1. Are you consistently documenting all communication with customers that may have an impact on the sales agreement? Please explain your process.

III. Timely Deliveries

Are you meeting the agreed-upon delivery timelines as specified in your sales agreements? If not, what actions are you taking to improve this aspect of compliance?

IV. Pricing and Discounts

Are you offering prices and discounts in accordance with the terms outlined in the sales agreements? If not, please provide details on any discrepancies.

V. Quality and Product Specifications

  1. How do you ensure that the products or services you deliver conform to the quality and specifications defined in the sales agreements?

  1. Have there been instances where the delivered products or services did not meet the agreed-upon quality or specifications? If so, how were these instances resolved?

VI. Customer Feedback and Complaints

  1. How do you handle customer feedback and complaints related to sales agreements, and what actions are taken to address their concerns?

  1. Please provide an example of a recent customer complaint related to a sales agreement and how it was resolved.

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