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Sales Questionnaire for Contract Terms Feedback

Sales Questionnaire for
Contract Terms Feedback

Instructions: Please take a few minutes to share your feedback, ensuring our future collaborations are seamless and mutually beneficial.

Basic Information

Full Name


Contact Number

Email Address

Contract Clarity and Understandability

  1. How would you rate the clarity of our contract terms?

  • Very Clear

  • Clear

  • Neutral

  • Unclear

  • Very Unclear

  1. Were there any terms or clauses you found confusing? If so, please specify:

Contract Fairness and Flexibility

  1. Did you find the contract terms fair and balanced for both parties?

  • Strongly Agree

  • Agree

  • Neutral

  • Disagree

  • Strongly Disagree

  1. How would you rate the flexibility of our contract in terms of adjustments or changes?

  • Highly Flexible

  • Flexible

  • Neutral

  • Inflexible

  • Highly Inflexible

Term Length and Renewal

  1. Were you satisfied with the duration/length of the contract?

  • Very Satisfied

  • Satisfied

  • Neutral

  • Dissatisfied

  • Very Dissatisfied

  1. How do you feel about our contract renewal process?

  • Very Convenient

  • Convenient

  • Neutral

  • Inconvenient

  • Very Inconvenient

Additional Feedback

  1. Are there any additional terms or clauses you'd like to see in our future contracts?

  1. Do you have any other comments or suggestions regarding our contract terms?

Thank you for your invaluable feedback. We appreciate your time and insights. Should you have further questions or need clarification, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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