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Sales Contract Performance Evaluation

Sales Contract Performance Evaluation

Contract Details

Contract Number: [CN12345]

Contract Date: [2053-04-15]

Contract Parties


[Your Company Name]


[Client Name]

Contract Amount:


Contract Term:

[12 months]

Effective Date:


Evaluation Criteria

  1. Contractual Compliance

  • The Company has fulfilled its contractual obligations as specified in the contract.

  • The Client has fulfilled its contractual obligations as specified in the contract.

  • Any deviations from the contract terms have been properly documented and addressed.

  1. Sales Targets and Deliverables

  • The Company has met or exceeded the sales targets and deliverables outlined in the contract.

  • Any discrepancies in sales performance have been adequately explained and addressed.

  1. Quality of Goods/Services Delivered

  • The goods or services delivered by the Company meet the quality standards specified in the contract.

  • The Client has acknowledged the quality of the goods or services delivered.

  1. Communication and Reporting

  • Effective communication has been maintained between the Company and the Client throughout the contract period.

  • Regular reports, as required by the contract, have been submitted and reviewed.

  1. Billing and Payment

  • Invoices have been submitted in accordance with the contract terms.

  • Payments from the Client have been received on time as per the contract.

  1. Issue Resolution

  • Any disputes or issues arising during the contract term have been resolved promptly and to the satisfaction of both parties.

Overall Evaluation

  • Satisfactory

  • Needs Improvement

  • Unsatisfactory

  • Additional Comments



Evaluator's Name: [Your Name]

Date of Evaluation: [2053-10-15]

By signing below, you acknowledge the completion and acceptance of this Sales Contract Performance Evaluation.

Company Representative's Signature:                              

Client Representative's Signature:                              

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