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Restaurant Event Checklist

Restaurant Event Checklist

Instructions for Use: Use this checklist to ensure all aspects of your restaurant event are planned and executed smoothly. Check off each item as it is completed.

Pre-Event Planning

Confirm event date and time

Set event budget

Choose event theme

Create guest list

Send out invitations

Plan menu

Arrange for decorations

Book entertainment

Staff Coordination

Assign event manager

Schedule staff shifts

Conduct pre-event staff meeting

Arrange staff uniforms

Plan staff duties and responsibilities


Reserve event space

Set up event layout

Arrange tables and seating

Check sound and lighting equipment

Organize parking arrangements

Supplies and Equipment

Order food and beverages

Confirm delivery dates

Arrange for extra equipment (tables, chairs, etc.)

Check inventory of utensils and serveware

Day of Event

Set up decorations

Prepare food and beverages

Conduct final walkthrough

Check sound and lighting

Ensure staff readiness


Clean up venue

Conduct debrief meeting with staff

Send thank-you notes to guests

Review event feedback

Document lessons learned

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