Crime Victim U Visa Invitation Letter

Crime Victim U Visa Invitation Letter





November 7, 2060

Nahoko Nomura

335-1245, Komaimachi

Komae-shi, Tokyo, Japan

Dear Ms. Nomura,

I am writing to extend a formal invitation to you to visit the United States. As a trusted acquaintance, I believe it is crucial to provide you with the necessary support during this challenging time you are facing. Your trip to the US in the pursuit of legal assistance as a victim of domestic violence caused by an American perpetrator is of utmost importance.

During your stay, it is our intent to fully assist law enforcement in bringing the perpetrators to justice. We understand the significance of your visit and assure you that every possible measure will be taken to provide you with the support and resources required.

The purpose of your visit is to seek legal assistance promptly. It is anticipated that your visit will last for an estimated period of 90 days. It is understood that you will be taking financial responsibility for your trip, and we are committed to lending any assistance needed to ensure a smooth journey.

While you are here, we have planned various activities to help facilitate your interaction with relevant legal authorities and support networks. Additionally, we have enclosed documentation providing evidence of your ties to your home country, which illustrates your strong affiliations and obligations there.

We genuinely hope that your visa application will receive favorable consideration. Should you require any further information or have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me. You can reach me via email at [YOUR EMAIL] or by phone at [YOUR COMPANY NUMBER].

Thank you for considering our invitation. We eagerly anticipate your arrival and trust that we can be of assistance throughout this process. We sincerely hope that this visit will result in the resolution and justice that you rightfully deserve.

Yours sincerely,