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Student F1 Visa Invitation Letter

Student F1 Visa Invitation Letter

University of Excellence

1801 Clinton Street

Little Rock, AR 72211

[email protected]

222 555 7777

May 10, 2060

11 Mau Than Street, Rach Gia Township

Kien Giang, Vietnam

To Whom It May Concern,

I, Dr. Herbert M. Reilly, on behalf of the University of Excellence, am delighted to extend a formal invitation to Kim Thị Ánh Thêm to embark on her higher education journey in the United States as an F1 student visa holder.

Kim Thị Ánh Thêm has been admitted to the University of Excellence as a student in the Computer Science program. She is scheduled to commence her studies on September 1, 2050. We wholeheartedly welcome Kim to our distinguished institution with great enthusiasm.

As a reputable academic institution, the University of Excellence is dedicated to providing exceptional educational opportunities and creating an environment that encourages students to excel in their chosen fields. We are committed to ensuring that Kim receives the necessary support, resources, and guidance to achieve her educational and career aspirations.

Throughout her academic journey at the University of Excellence, Kim will have access to comprehensive academic resources, expert faculty, and a thriving campus community. We have full confidence that she will maximize her educational experience while making positive contributions to our academic community.

We understand the financial commitments associated with studying in the United States and want to assure you that Kim Thị Ánh Thêm possesses the financial means to cover her tuition fees and living expenses throughout her academic program.

The purpose of Kim Thị Ánh Thêm's visit is to pursue higher education and gain valuable skills and knowledge in the field of Computer Science. She has met all admission requirements and possesses the academic qualifications necessary for the program.

We kindly request that you grant Kim Thị Ánh Thêm an F1 student visa, allowing her to pursue her academic ambitions and become an integral part of our diverse and dynamic academic community. We believe her presence at the University of Excellence will enrich our campus life and contribute to the global learning experience.

If you require any additional documentation or information to support Kim Thị Ánh Thêm's visa application, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or 222 555 7777. We are readily available to assist with any inquiries you may have.

Thank you for considering Kim Thị Ánh Thêm's visa application, and we are eagerly looking forward to her arrival in the United States to commence her academic journey at the University of Excellence.

Best regards,
Dr. Herbert M. Reilly

Director of International Programs