Startup Investor Meeting Minute

Startup Investor Meeting Minutes

Meeting Topic: Initial Funding Round
Time: [Time]
Date: [Date]
Location: [Your Company Address]




Jonathan Wilkins





Lead Investor


Potential Investor

Meeting Agenda

The meeting opened with a presentation by the CEO, followed by an overview of [YOUR COMPANY NAME]'s business plan and objectives. The meeting then moved on to discuss the financial standing of the company, or the “state of the union”, as well as the execution strategies. Thereafter, the floor was open for a Q&A and discussion session amongst the members present.

Decisions Made

  • Company Presentation: The presentation was accepted and appreciated by all present.

  • Initial Funding: The group agreed to move forward with the proposed initial funding round.

  • Revenue Projections: A correction was made to the revenue projections. This change was noted and agreed upon.

  • Execution Strategy: The Sales and Marketing plan was ratified with minor modifications.

Action Items

The CEO is to create an updated proposal for the next funding round. The CFO will correct the revenue projections as discussed during the meeting. Lastly, the marketing team will update the sales strategy as per the final modifications discussed.

Next Meeting Details

Date: [Date]
Agenda: Finalizing the updated revenue projections and reviewing the second draft of the sales strategy.

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