Sales Minute for Pre-Closure Review Meeting

Sales Pre-Closure Review Meeting Minutes

Date: [Date]

Deal Summary

  • Customer: [Your Company Name]

  • Product/Service: [Product/Service Name]

  • Deal Size: $[x]

  • Expected Close Date: [Date]

Sales Progress

The deal has progressed through initial discovery, presentation, and a product demonstration. We've addressed the customer's key pain points effectively, and they've expressed strong interest in our software.


Primary Decision-Makers:

  • [CEO Name] (CEO)

  • [CFO Name] (CFO)


  • [Influencer 1] (IT Director)

  • [Influencer 2] (Head of Operations)


The customer is considering a similar software solution from a competitor, [Competing Company]. They are impressed with our product but are evaluating pricing and support options.

Key Challenges

  • Pricing Sensitivity: The customer has expressed concerns about our pricing being slightly higher than the competitor's.

  • Integration Requirements: The IT department is concerned about the compatibility of our software with their existing systems.

Sales Strategy

  • Pricing Negotiation: We will propose a discount of [x]% on the software license fee to address their pricing concerns. This will be a limited-time offer valid until the expected close date.

  • Integration Assurance: We will schedule a call with our technical team to provide detailed information on the seamless integration of our software with their current systems.

Risks And Mitigations

  • Risk: The customer may choose the competitor's solution due to pricing concerns.

  • Mitigation: The [x]% discount should demonstrate our willingness to work with their budget and make our solution more competitive.

  • Risk: Integration issues may delay the sale.

  • Mitigation: Our technical team will address their concerns directly and provide a clear plan for the integration process.


Software License: $[x]

Proposed Discount: [x]% ($[x])

Total Deal Value: $[x]

Customer Insights

The customer appreciates our personalized approach and the comprehensive product demonstration. They have emphasized the need for excellent post-sale support.

Questions And Discussion Points

  1. How should we position our post-sale support to differentiate us from the competitor?

  2. Should we offer any additional incentives to secure the deal?

  3. Who will lead the negotiation and final discussions with the customer?

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[Your Name]


[Your Company Name]

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