Sales Final Deal Closing Checklist

Sales Final Deal Closing Checklist

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Pre-Closing Preparation

  • Ensure the proposed solution aligns with the client's requirements.

  • Confirm that all pricing, discounts, and terms have been agreed upon.

  • Obtain all necessary internal approvals from all involved departments.

Documentation and Contracts

  • Prepare a detailed sales agreement and payment terms.

  • Have the sales agreement reviewed by the legal department.

  • Provide the client with the sales agreement for review.

  • Address any concerns and negotiate any changes that may be required.

Final Approval and Signatures

  • Secure the client's final agreement and signature on the sales contract.

  • Ensure the representative from [Your Company Name] signs the agreement.

  • Store the signed agreement in a secure and accessible location.

Post-Sale Process

  • Initiate the order processing procedure to fulfill the sale as per agreed.

  • Prepare and send the initial invoice according to the payment terms.

  • Begin the customer onboarding process.

Follow-Up and Relationship Maintenance

  • Send a formal thank you note or email to the client.

  • Establish a follow-up schedule to address any post-sale questions.

  • Solicit feedback from the client regarding their purchasing experience.

By adhering to this checklist, [Your Company Name] ensures that each sales deal is closed with the highest level of professionalism and attention to detail, laying the foundation for successful delivery and customer satisfaction.

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