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November 10, 2055

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Review of Agenda

The agenda was reviewed and approved without any changes.

Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes

The minutes of the previous recruitment meeting held on October 10, 2055, were reviewed and approved unanimously.

Meeting Minutes

Recruitment Update

  • There are three open positions in the Production Team and two open positions in the Finance Team.

  • The team has actively sourced candidates through job boards, social media, and employee referrals.

Candidate Interviews

  • Emily Cooper confirmed the interview schedule for Production Team positions.

  • Emily Cooper provided feedback on the shortlisted Production Team candidates.

New Business

  • The need for additional recruitment resources in light of increased hiring demands.

  • Review of the candidate evaluation process for consistency.

  • Announcement of upcoming recruitment events and career fairs.

Action Items

  • Emily Cooper to finalize interview schedules for the Production Team and communicate with candidates.

  • Emily Cooper to conduct second-round interviews for Finance Team candidates.

Next Meeting

The next recruitment meeting is scheduled for [Month Day, Year], at [Time] in the [Location].


The meeting was adjourned at [Time].


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