Employee Resource Group Meeting Minute HR

Employee Resource Group Meeting Minutes

Meeting Topic: Employee Resource Group Meeting

Date: [Month Day, Year]

Time: 10:00 AM

Location: [Your Company Address]

Meeting Attendees:

  1. John Doe - CEO

  2. Jane Smith - HR Manager

  3. Robert Johnson - Sales Department

  4. Emily Davis - Marketing Department

  5. David Miller - IT Department

Meeting Agenda:

1. Discussion about Employee Resource Group benefits.
2. Ways to encourage more employee participation.
3. Organizing volunteering and community events.
4. Exploring training needs of employees.
5. Upcoming projects and collaborations.

Decisions Made:

  1. Employee Resource Group benefits: Decision to incorporate wellness programs and professional development resources.

  2. Employee Participation: Incentives to encourage participation to be implemented.

  3. Community Events: Scheduled volunteering events were approved and dates decided.

  4. Training needs: Professional development workshops to be held once a quarter.

  5. New Projects: Teams assigned for upcoming projects with deadlines.

Action items:

1. Finance team to process budgets for wellness programs.
2. HR team to work on rewarding mechanisms for participation.
3. CSR team to draft volunteering event schedules.
4. Training team to organize workshops.
5. Project managers to coordinate with their teams.

Next Meeting:

Date: [Month Day, Year]
Agenda: Review progress on action items and new project discussions.

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