Diversity Leadership Meeting Minute HR

Diversity Leadership Meeting Minute




September 15, 2050

10:00 AM

Conference Room A, [Your Company Name]




[Your Name]

HR Manager (Chair)


Welcome and Opening Remarks

Introduction of Attendees

Overview of Meeting Agenda

Review of Previous Meeting Minutes

Discussion and Approval of Minutes from [August 10, 2023]

[Your Name] to circulate the approved minutes to all team members.

Diversity and Inclusion Program Updates

[Jeromy Campbell] presented updates on ongoing initiatives, highlighting the recent success of the "Diversity Dialogue" series and the upcoming ["Inclusion Symposium"] scheduled for [November].

Key Diversity Metrics and Analytics

[Kristy Ruiz] shared the latest diversity metrics, showing a steady increase in diverse hires and improved gender balance within the leadership team. The team discussed the need to track retention rates for underrepresented groups.

Employee Feedback and Engagement

[Lindsay Clark] presented a summary of recent employee feedback on diversity and inclusion, emphasizing the positive responses to recent ERG events. The team discussed strategies to improve engagement through more frequent communication and recognition.

Diversity Training and Education

[Steve West] reviewed the current training programs and proposed enhancements, including tailored sessions for managers. The team agreed to launch a pilot program for inclusive leadership training.

Diversity Leadership Development

[Jeromy Campbell] discussed the progress of the leadership development program, with three participants showing promising leadership potential. He suggested nominating one of them for an external leadership program.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

[Jeffery Barkman], the ERG leader, reported on the successful launch of the LGBTQ+ ERG and plans to establish a Women's Leadership Network. The team discussed providing more resources and visibility for ERGs.


Action Item


Due Date

Initiate inclusive leadership training

Steve West

September 30, 2050

Next Meeting Date

Next Meeting Time

Next Meeting Location

October 20, 2050

10:00 AM

Conference Room B, [Your Company Name]

Meeting Adjourned at: [11:30 AM]

Minutes prepared by: [Your Name]

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