Employee Resource Group Formation Guideline HR

Employee Resource Group Formation Guideline

Dear Team,

At [Your Company Name], we believe that fostering diversity and inclusion is not just a commitment but a collective responsibility. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) play a vital role in promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace by providing a platform for employees to connect, collaborate, and drive positive change.

This Employee Resource Group Formation Guideline outlines the process, purpose, and responsibilities associated with ERGs at [Your Company Name].

Purpose of Employee Resource Groups

ERGs are voluntary, employee-led groups that bring together individuals who share common characteristics, interests, or backgrounds. The primary purposes of ERGs at [Your Company Name] are:

  •  To promote diversity and inclusion by creating a sense of belonging among employees.

  •  To provide a support network for employees and a forum for open dialogue.

  •  To contribute to the professional development of members.

  •  To drive initiatives that positively impact our workplace and community.

Formation Process

[Your Company Name] encourages the formation of ERGs that align with our commitment to diversity and inclusion. The formation process includes the following steps:

  • Expression of Interest: Employees interested in forming an ERG should express their interest to [HR Contact Name] at [HR Contact Email].

  • Proposal Submission: Interested employees must submit a formal ERG proposal outlining the group's purpose, goals, and intended activities.

  • Leadership Selection: ERGs should select leadership positions, including a Chairperson, Vice-Chair, and Secretary, to facilitate group activities.

  • Approval Process: Proposals will be reviewed and approved by [Reviewing Authority] based on alignment with [Your Company Name]'s values and goals.


ERG members and leaders have specific responsibilities, including:

  • Leadership: ERG leaders are responsible for guiding the group's activities and ensuring its objectives are met.

  • Engagement: All members should actively participate in ERG activities and support the group's mission.

  • Collaboration: ERGs should collaborate with other ERGs, departments, and leadership to drive meaningful change.

  • Reporting: ERGs are required to provide regular updates on their activities and impact.

Benefits of ERG Participation

Participating in an ERG at [Your Company Name] offers numerous benefits, including:

  •  Opportunities for professional development and leadership.

  •  Networking and collaboration with colleagues who share common interests.

  •  A platform to make a positive impact on workplace culture and community.

  •  Personal and career growth through involvement in diversity and inclusion initiatives.

ERG Leadership

ERG leadership positions are crucial to the success of the group. Leaders should:

  •  Champion the group's mission and objectives.

  •  Foster inclusivity and ensure all members' voices are heard.

  •  Coordinate and facilitate ERG activities and initiatives.

Funding and Resources

[Your Company Name] provides funding and resources to support ERG activities. Funding requests should be submitted to [Your Company Email]

Reporting and Evaluation

ERGs are required to submit regular reports on their activities and impact. [Your Company Name] conducts periodic evaluations to assess the effectiveness of ERGs and identify opportunities for improvement.


ERGs are a valuable resource in our ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion at [Your Company Name]. We encourage all employees to consider joining or forming an ERG to help us create a more inclusive workplace.

For inquiries or assistance related to ERGs, please contact [Your Company Email] or [Your Company Number]

Thank you for your dedication to making [Your Company Name] a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable place to work.


[Your Name]

Manager, Human Resources Department

[Your Company Name]

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