Sales Account Activity Report

Sales Account Activity Report

Date: 2050-10-18

Report Summary

  • Report Period: 2050-10-01 to 2050-10-15

  • Report Generated By: [Your Name]

  • Contact Email: [Your Email]


This Sales Account Activity Report provides an overview of the key activities and performance metrics for the specified time period. It helps us analyze and understand our sales efforts and progress toward achieving our targets.

Key Metrics

Total Sales

  • Total Sales for the Period: $50,000.00

  • Percentage Change: +5%

New Accounts Acquired

  • Number of New Accounts: 10

  • Average Revenue per New Account: $15,000.00

Sales by Region

  • Region with Highest Sales: North

  • Region with Lowest Sales: South

Sales Activities

Sales Calls

  • Total Sales Calls: 50

  • Successful Calls: 35

  • Unsuccessful Calls: 15


  • Total Meetings Held: 20

  • Meetings with Prospective Clients: 15

  • Client Meetings: 5

Sales Pipeline


  • Total Number of Opportunities: 25

  • Opportunities Closed: 10

  • Opportunities Lost: 5

  • Opportunities in Progress: 10

Top Opportunities

Opportunity Name

Potential Value


Opportunity A


In Progress

Opportunity B



Opportunity C



Sales Team Performance

  • Total Sales Team Members: 5

  • Top Performer: John Doe

  • Total Sales Generated by Top Performer: $60,000.00


This Sales Account Activity Report reflects our recent performance and provides insights into our sales efforts. It highlights areas of improvement and achievements. We will use this data to refine our sales strategy and continue working towards our goals.

For any inquiries or further analysis, please contact [Your Company Name] at [Your Company Email Address].

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