Sales Quote Revision Minute

Sales Quote Revision Minute

Date: [Month Day, Year]

Meeting Attendees:

[Your Name] [ Your Job Title]

[Name] [Job Title]

[Name] [Job Title]

[Name] [Job Title]

Meeting Location: Virtual Meeting

Meeting Objective: Discuss and finalize revisions to the sales quote for [Client Name].

1. Meeting Agenda:

1.1 Review of Previous Minutes:

Minutes from the last meeting on [Month Day, Year], were reviewed and approved.

1.2 Client's Requirements:

[Client Name] requires the following modifications to the sales quote:

Item 1:

Increase quantity of [Widget Name] from 100 to 150 units.

Item 2:

Include optional add-on [Feature Name] in the quote.

Item 3:

Extend the warranty period to 3 years.

Item 4:

Offer a 5% discount for a bulk order of 200 units.

1.3 Pricing and Terms:

The pricing and payment terms were discussed as follows:

Unit price for [Widget Name] remains unchanged at $50 per unit.

Price for [Feature Name] is $100 per unit.

Warranty extension cost is $20 per unit.

Bulk order discount of 5% approved.

Payment terms: 30% upfront, 70% upon delivery.

1.4 Delivery Schedule:

[Name] [Job Title] to coordinate with logistics to ensure on-time delivery.

Delivery date set for [Month Day, Year], to align with client's requirements.

1.5 Additional Notes:

[Name] [Job Title] mentioned that [Widget Name] stock is limited. Ensure availability for the revised quantity.

[Name] [Job Title] to update the quote document with revisions and send it to [Client Name] for approval.

2. Action Items:

Based on the topics discussed during the meeting, the following action items were assigned:

  • [Your Name]: Update the sales quote document according to the discussed revisions.

  • [Name] [Job Title]: Coordinate with logistics for timely delivery.

  • [Name] [Job Title]: Ensure stock availability for [Widget Name].

3. Next Meeting:

Date: [Date]
Agenda: Scheduled for [Month Day Year], to review the revised sales quote with [Client Name].

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