Sales Collateral Creation SLA

Sales Collateral Creation SLA

1. Introduction

This Sales Collateral Creation Service Level Agreement ("Agreement") establishes the terms and conditions between [Your Company Name], located at [Your Company Address] ("Company"), and [Service Provider], having a business address at [Service Provider's Address] ("Customer"), for the creation and delivery of sales collateral.

2. Objective

The primary objective of this Agreement is to ensure clarity and understanding between the Company and the Customer regarding the creation and delivery of sales collateral. By defining the scope, expectations, and responsibilities, both parties can work together effectively to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

3. Services Provided

Under this Agreement, the Company agrees to provide comprehensive sales collateral creation services to the Customer. This includes the creation of sales brochures, presentations, product sheets, and other agreed-upon collateral materials. The Company will also facilitate two rounds of revisions per deliverable to ensure that the final collateral aligns with the Customer's requirements. Additionally, the Company will ensure the timely delivery of finalized sales collateral in the agreed format, whether digital or print-ready.

4. Service Level Expectations

To maintain a high level of service quality and efficiency, specific service level expectations are outlined in this Agreement:

4.1. Turnaround Time:

The Company commits to delivering the initial draft of the sales collateral within 10 business days of receiving the necessary materials from the Customer. Subsequent revisions will be completed within 5 business days of receiving feedback for each round of revisions.

4.2. Communication:

Clear and timely communication is essential for the success of any collaborative project. The Company agrees to respond to Customer queries within 24 hours. Additionally, the Company will provide weekly progress updates to keep the Customer informed about the status of ongoing projects.

5. Responsibilities

To ensure a smooth collaboration and the successful completion of the project, both the Company and the Customer have specific responsibilities:

5.1. Company Responsibilities:

  • Assign dedicated personnel with the necessary expertise for collateral creation and revisions.

  • Maintain the quality and accuracy of the delivered collateral, adhering to the agreed-upon specifications.

  • Strictly adhere to the established timelines for initial drafts and revisions to meet the Customer's expectations and deadlines.

5.2. Customer Responsibilities:

  • Provide comprehensive briefs and all necessary materials, including branding guidelines, product information, and any other relevant content, to facilitate the creation of sales collateral.

  • Offer timely feedback and approvals for drafts and revisions within the stipulated timelines to ensure project progress and adherence to deadlines.

  • Clearly communicate any changes or additional requirements to the Company to avoid misunderstandings and ensure the desired outcome.

6. Revision Process

A structured revision process is crucial for refining the sales collateral and meeting the Customer's expectations:

6.1. Feedback Submission:

Upon receipt of each draft, the Customer shall review the content and provide detailed feedback within 3 business days to ensure clarity and alignment with the project objectives.

6.2. Revision Implementation:

Following the receipt of feedback, the Company will promptly implement the requested revisions within 2 business days to incorporate the Customer's input and refine the sales collateral accordingly.

7. Confidentiality

Both parties recognize the importance of maintaining confidentiality regarding any proprietary information exchanged during the collaboration. To protect sensitive data and intellectual property, the Company and the Customer agree to uphold strict confidentiality standards and refrain from disclosing or sharing confidential information without prior consent.

8. Termination

While it is our mutual intention to complete the project successfully, circumstances may arise where termination becomes necessary. In such cases, either party reserves the right to terminate this Agreement with 30 days' written notice. Termination shall not affect any rights or obligations accrued prior to the effective termination date.

9. Signatures

By signing below, both parties acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined in this Sales Collateral Creation Service Level Agreement.

[Your Company Name]

[Your Company Representative Name]

[Month Day, Year]

[Service Provider]

[Service Provider Representative Name]

[Month Day, Year]

10. Governing Law

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of [Your Jurisdiction]. Any disputes arising from or related to this Agreement shall be resolved through amicable negotiations between the parties. If resolution cannot be reached, both parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in [Your Jurisdiction] for dispute resolution.

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