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Sales Presentation Approval Agreement

Sales Presentation Approval Agreement

This agreement is entered into as of [Month Day, Year], by and between [Your Company Name] represented by [Your Name], located at [Your Company Address], with contact phone number [Your Company Number] and email address [Your Company Email], and [Client Name] represented by [Client Representative], located at [Client Address], with contact phone number [Client Phone Number] and email address [Client Email Address].

I. Introduction

A. Purpose

This agreement outlines the process and conditions under which sales presentations prepared by [Your Company Name] shall be reviewed, modified, and approved by [Client Name] before being used for sales activities. This section is intended to clarify the objectives and framework that guide this agreement.

B. Scope

The agreement is comprehensive and applies to any sales presentations in various formats, including but not limited to slideshows, video presentations, and written proposals. These presentations are intended for marketing [Your Company Name]'s products and services to potential clients.

II. Definitions

A. Presentation

The term "Presentation" refers to any sales material prepared to outline, describe, or promote products or services offered by [Your Company Name]. This definition serves as a comprehensive categorization of the various types of sales material that can be developed.

B. Approval Authority

The term "Approval Authority" refers to the individual or body within [Client Name] responsible for approving the Presentation. This individual or group has the final authority in determining whether a Presentation meets the standards for public dissemination.

C. Working Days

The term "Working Days" refers to the standard business days from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. This sets the expectations for the timeline of various activities described in this agreement.

III. Responsibilities

A. [Your Company Name]’s Responsibilities

[Your Company Name] is responsible for preparing the Presentation following the guidelines provided by [Client Name]. Additionally, [Your Company Name] is obligated to submit the Presentation for approval within the agreed-upon timeframes.

B. [Client Name]’ Responsibilities

[Client Name] is responsible for providing clear guidelines and criteria for the Presentation. Furthermore, [Client Name] is obliged to review the submitted Presentation and offer feedback within the timeframes established in this agreement.

IV. Approval Process

A. Submission

All Presentations must be submitted to the Approval Authority at [Client Name] via email. Once submitted, an acknowledgment receipt will be sent as confirmation.

B. Review and Feedback

[Client Name] commits to providing feedback within five working days of submission. The feedback will be communicated via email to [Your Company Email] and will cover necessary adjustments and improvements.

C. Final Approval

Upon receiving and incorporating the feedback, [Your Company Name] must resubmit the revised Presentation for final approval. A notification of final approval or further revisions will be communicated by [Client Name].

V. Timeframes

The initial Presentation must be submitted within ten working days. Review and feedback from [Client Name] will be completed within five working days, and final approval or revisions will be settled within three working days.

VI. Revisions and Amendments

A. Process

If revisions are requested by [Client Name], [Your Company Name] must complete and resubmit the revisions within seven working days.

B. Charges

Should the revisions required go beyond the initial scope of work, additional charges may apply. These will be discussed and agreed upon by both parties.

C. Confidentiality

Both [Your Company Name] and [Client Name] agree to uphold the confidentiality of all information, data, and materials exchanged during the approval process.

VII. Termination

Either [Your Company Name] or [Client Name] may terminate this agreement with written notice. On termination, conditions as per the broader contractual relationship between the parties will apply.

VIII. Legal and Miscellaneous

A. Governing Law

This agreement will be governed by the laws of the United States.

B. Arbitration

In case of any disputes arising out of this agreement, they will be settled through an arbitration process.

C. Amendments

Any amendments to this agreement must be in writing and need to be signed by representatives from both [Your Company Name] and [Client Name].

IX. Signatures

By signing below, both parties agree to all terms and conditions stipulated in this Sales Presentation Approval Agreement. This signature serves as a formal acceptance and understanding of the roles and responsibilities outlined in this document.

For [Your Company Name]:

Signature: ________________________


For [Client Name]:

Signature: ________________________


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