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Sales External Presentation SLA

Sales External Presentation SLA

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) is made and entered into on [Insert Date], by and between [Your Company Name], with its principal place of business located at [Your Company Address] (hereinafter referred to as "Service Provider"), and [Other Company Name], with its principal place of business located at [Other Company Address] (hereinafter referred to as "Service Recipient").

WHEREAS, the Service Provider is recognized for its ability to deliver compelling and high-quality sales presentations that showcase its offerings;

WHEREAS, the Service Recipient is interested in such presentations to explore potential collaboration, investment, or acquisition of the Service Provider's products or services for their business operations or offerings;

WHEREAS, the Service Provider has agreed to provide such sales presentations to the Service Recipient, adhering to predefined quality standards, content accuracy, and delivery schedules as outlined in this SLA;

WHEREAS, the Service Recipient agrees to facilitate this process by providing the Service Provider with necessary information, feedback, and other forms of cooperation as required for the successful delivery and execution of the sales presentations;

AND WHEREAS, both parties recognize the importance of this agreement in establishing a framework for the delivery, evaluation, and potential enhancement of the sales presentations, ensuring that both parties benefit from clear, accurate, and effective communication;

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants, terms, and conditions set forth herein, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, the parties agree to the terms and conditions stipulated in this SLA, aiming to foster a successful partnership through the effective delivery and receipt of sales presentations.

I. Objectives

A. Enhance Understanding: To provide the Service Recipient with comprehensive and detailed presentations about the Service Provider's products or services, aiming to enhance understanding and facilitate informed decision-making.

B. Foster Business Relationships: To strengthen the business relationship between the Service Provider and Service Recipient through transparent and effective communication of offerings.

C. Support Decision-Making: To supply the Service Recipient with all necessary information through sales presentations, supporting their decision-making process regarding potential collaboration, investment, or purchase.

II. Standards and Quality of Presentation

A. Content Accuracy: All sales presentations must contain accurate and up-to-date information regarding the Service Provider's products or services. The Service Provider is responsible for verifying all content before presentation delivery.

B. Presentation Design: The Service Provider shall ensure that all sales presentations are professionally designed, adhering to the highest standards of visual appeal and readability. Presentations must be formatted in a clear, coherent, and engaging manner, using the Service Provider's brand guidelines.

C. Technical Quality: Sales presentations shall be free from technical errors, including but not limited to spelling mistakes, incorrect data, and broken links. The Service Provider must review and test presentations to ensure technical quality.

III. Presentation Delivery

A. Scheduling: The Service Provider agrees to schedule sales presentations at least 14 days in advance, providing the Service Recipient with a minimum notice period to prepare and allocate resources.

B. Mode of Delivery: Sales presentations can be delivered in-person, virtually via video conferencing tools, or through any other agreed-upon method. The Service Provider is responsible for ensuring that the chosen mode of delivery is accessible and convenient for the Service Recipient.

C. Rescheduling and Cancellations: In the event of a need to reschedule or cancel a planned sales presentation, the Service Provider must notify the Service Recipient at least 7 days in advance. The Service Recipient may request a rescheduling of the presentation, which the Service Provider shall accommodate within a reasonable timeframe, not exceeding 30 days from the original scheduled date.

D. Feedback: The Service Recipient shall provide feedback on the sales presentation within 7 days of its delivery. This feedback will be used by the Service Provider to assess the presentation's effectiveness and make necessary adjustments for future presentations.

IV. Confidentiality and Data Protection

A. Protection of Information: Both the Service Provider and Service Recipient agree to protect any confidential information shared during the sales presentations. Confidential information includes, but is not limited to, proprietary data, customer information, and details about products or services not publicly available.

B. Use of Information: Confidential information obtained through sales presentations shall be used solely for the purpose of evaluating potential business opportunities between the Service Provider and Service Recipient. Any other use of this information without explicit written consent from the disclosing party is strictly prohibited.

C. Data Security: The Service Provider must ensure that all digital presentations and associated materials are secured against unauthorized access, using appropriate cybersecurity measures. In the event of a data breach, the Service Provider is required to notify the Service Recipient within 48 hours of discovery.

V. Performance Monitoring and Reporting

A. Quality Assessment: The Service Provider will conduct regular assessments of the sales presentations to ensure they meet the agreed-upon standards and quality. Assessments will occur after every presentation delivery.

B. Reporting: The Service Provider shall provide the Service Recipient with quarterly reports detailing the outcomes of the sales presentations, including audience engagement, feedback received, and any identified areas for improvement. These reports will be delivered within 15 days of the quarter's end.

C. Continuous Improvement: Based on the feedback and performance assessments, the Service Provider commits to continuously improving the quality and effectiveness of the sales presentations. Adjustments will be made in a timely manner to reflect the Service Recipient's needs and preferences.

VI. Responsibilities of Parties

A. Service Provider: The Service Provider is responsible for creating, scheduling, and delivering high-quality sales presentations according to the terms outlined in this SLA. This includes ensuring content accuracy, adhering to presentation standards, protecting confidential information, and addressing feedback for continuous improvement.

B. Service Recipient: The Service Recipient is responsible for providing timely feedback on sales presentations, safeguarding any confidential information shared by the Service Provider, and communicating any specific requirements or changes in their needs that may affect the sales presentations.

C. Cooperation: Both parties agree to cooperate fully to achieve the objectives of the sales presentations. This includes timely communication regarding scheduling, feedback, and any issues related to the delivery or content of the presentations.

VII. Revision and Update Procedures

A. Notification of Changes: The Service Provider must notify the Service Recipient of any significant changes to the sales presentations, including updates to content, format, or delivery methods, at least 10 days prior to the scheduled presentation.

B. Request for Revisions: The Service Recipient has the right to request revisions to the sales presentations based on feedback, changes in their needs, or market conditions. Such requests should be submitted in writing to the Service Provider at least 7 days before the scheduled presentation.

C. Implementation of Revisions: The Service Provider agrees to implement requested revisions within a reasonable timeframe, not exceeding 5 days before the scheduled presentation, ensuring the updated presentation meets the Service Recipient's requirements.

VIII. Dispute Resolution

A. Informal Resolution: In the event of a dispute, both parties agree to first attempt to resolve the issue through informal negotiation, within 10 days of the dispute arising.

B. Mediation: If informal negotiation fails, the parties agree to engage in mediation with a mutually agreed-upon mediator, before resorting to arbitration or litigation.

C. Binding Arbitration: Should mediation not resolve the dispute, the parties agree to submit the dispute to binding arbitration, with the arbitrator's decision being final and enforceable in any court of competent jurisdiction.

IX. Termination Conditions

A. Breach of Agreement: Either party may terminate this SLA with immediate effect if the other party breaches any of its terms and fails to rectify the breach within 30 days of receiving written notice.

B. Mutual Agreement: Both parties can agree to terminate the SLA at any time, provided that such termination is documented in writing and signed by both parties.

C. Expiration: This SLA will automatically expire upon the completion of the service period specified herein, unless renewed by mutual agreement of both parties.


This Service Level Agreement (SLA) is hereby agreed to and accepted by the undersigned parties as of the last date signed below.

Service Provider

[Your Name]



Service Recipient




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