Sales Resolution to Amend Commission Percentages

Sales Resolution To Amend Commission Percentages

Resolution Number: [Number]

Date: [Month, Day, Year]

Subject: Amendment to Sales Commission Structure

Whereas, the company seeks to continuously align its sales incentive programs with strategic business objectives and market conditions, and

Whereas, the current commission percentages have been evaluated and found not fully conducive to motivating the desired sales behaviors and outcomes, and

Whereas, the company recognizes the need to incentivize high-value deal closures and enhance overall sales performance,

Be It Resolved That:

  1. Increase in Commission for High-Value Sales: The commission percentage for individual sales exceeding $100,000 in revenue will be increased from 5% to 7%, effective [Month, Day, Year].

  1. Tiered Commission Structure: A tiered commission structure will be introduced, where sales personnel will earn:

  • 4% commission on sales up to $50,000,

  • 5% commission on sales between $50,001 and $100,000,

  • 7% commission on sales over $100,000.

  1. Special Incentives for New Client Acquisition: An additional 2% commission will be awarded for sales involving new client acquisitions, encouraging the expansion of our client base.

  2. Adjustment to Base Salary: In recognition of the increased focus on higher-value sales and new client acquisition, the base salary of sales personnel will be adjusted accordingly, to ensure total compensation remains competitive and fair.

  3. Implementation and Review: The amended commission structure will be implemented starting [Month, Day, Year], with a formal review scheduled for [Month, Day, Year], to assess its impact on sales performance and team morale.

  4. Communication and Training: The Sales Department will conduct briefing sessions for all sales personnel to explain the new commission structure, answer questions, and provide guidance on maximizing earnings under the new system.

Be It Further Resolved, that this amendment to the sales commission structure reflects our commitment to rewarding excellence, driving growth, and maintaining our competitive edge in the market.

Adopted by: [Your Company Name] Management Team


Name: [Name of Authorizing Officer]

Title: [Title of Authorizing Officer]

Date: [Month, Day, Year]

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