Sales Commission Payment Schedule

Sales Commission Payment Schedule

This document outlines the timing and structure for disbursing commissions to sales employees, based on their achieved sales targets. It typically specifies payment intervals, thresholds for commission rates, and any conditions that must be met for payout.

Commission Structure

Type Of Commission

Commission Rate

Base Commission

5% of Net Sales

Monthly Sales Bonus

Eligibility Criteria

All full-time sales representatives at [Your Company Name] are eligible to participate in the commission program. Commission eligibility is contingent upon maintaining good standing within the company.

Sales Period

The sales period for commission calculations is based on the calendar month. Commission earnings will be calculated and paid on a monthly basis.

Payment Schedule List

Sales Rep Name


Total Sales

% Commission Rate

Commission Payment

[Employee Name]





Commission Calculation

  • Base Commission: [10%] of the Net Sales achieved during the month.

  • Monthly Sales Bonus: [$500] will be awarded if a sales representative exceeds [$60,000] in Monthly Sales.

Payment Schedule

Commissions will be paid on the [15th] day of the month following the completion of the sales period.

Payment Methods

Commissions will be paid via direct deposit to the bank account provided by the sales representative. Any associated bank fees will be the responsibility of the recipient.

Commission Claw backs

Should there be any returns or chargebacks from customers, any commissions that have been related to the sale concerned will be subjected to a process known as claw backs. This entails that any commission already given out due to this sale will be taken back, or deducted, from any future commission payments that are due.

Reporting And Transparency

Sales representatives will be granted access to a specifically dedicated online portal. This portal will have a multitude of features designed to empower and inform them. Among these features, they will have the ability to diligently track all their commission earnings that they have accumulated over a given period. Additionally, they will also be able to view detailed performance reports, providing them with in-depth insights into their sales techniques and strategies. Furthermore, they will receive regular updates pertinent to their work through this portal. This feature ensures a steady stream of necessary information that can further enhance their sales approaches and consequently, their performance.

Dispute Resolution

Any disputes related to commission calculations or payments should be reported to the Sales Manager. Disputes will be resolved within [30] days of notification.

Legal Compliance

This Sales Commission Payment Schedule is compliant with all the pertinent labor laws and regulations that dictate how commission payments should be handled and disbursed in the jurisdiction where the company named [Your Company Name] is headquartered and carries out its operations.

Amendments And Updates

[Your Company Name] reserves the right to amend this Sales Commission Payment Schedule at any time. Sales representatives will be notified of any changes in writing, and amendments will take effect on the date specified in the notice.

Prepared By: [Your Name], [Your Job Title]

Effective Date: [Month, Day, Year]

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