Sales Notice of Bonus Commission Eligibility

Sales Notice of Bonus Commission Eligibility

Dear [Recipient's Name],

We are excited to announce an upcoming opportunity for all our sales representatives. Starting from [Month Day Year], all members of our sales team will be eligible for a bonus commission on top of their regular sales commission.

Here is how it works: for every $[10,000] in sales made per month, a bonus commission of [2]% will be awarded. This bonus is cumulative, meaning if you make $[20,000] in sales, your bonus commission will be [4]%, and so on. This incentive will be in effect for the entire year of [2050].

This is an extraordinary opportunity for all of our sales team members to significantly boost their income, and we look forward to seeing the incredible results we are sure you will bring forth. Please rest assured that this bonus is on top of our existing commission structure and sales incentives.

Once again, this new bonus structure will be effective starting from the [Day] of [Month, Year]. Do not let this rewarding opportunity slip through your fingers. Let this be a motivating factor to push one step further in excelling at your sales objectives.

For any further clarifications or inquiries regarding this new bonus commission structure, please feel free to reach us at [Your Email]. We appreciate your effort and dedication to driving the sales of our brand and maintain the trust that our customers have in us.

Wishing everyone an outstanding and prosperous year!


[Your Name]
[Your Role]

[Your Department]

[Your Company Name]

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