Sales Minute for Yearly Incentive Plan Revision

Sales Minute for Yearly
Incentive Plan Revision




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  1. Opening Remarks: The meeting was called to order at [Time] by [Meeting Attendee], the Sales Manager. Gratitude was expressed for the team's dedication and exceptional performance throughout the year.

  2. Review of Current Year's Performance: [Meeting Attendee], the Sales Director, presented a detailed overview of the current year's performance, highlighting significant achievements, such as a [x%] growth in revenue. Additionally, she discussed the challenges faced, particularly the need for improvements in the newly opened offices.

  3. Yearly Incentive Plan Evaluation: [Meeting Attendee], the Finance Director, provided an in-depth analysis of the current incentive plan. The criteria, structure, and its overall effectiveness in motivating the sales team to achieve their targets were discussed.

  4. Proposed Revisions: The meeting moved on to discuss the proposed revisions to the incentive plan, with inputs from the HR Manager. The proposed revisions include:

  • Raising the sales targets by [x%] to encourage higher performance.

  • Introducing quarterly bonuses for top performers to address the identified performance gap.

  • Streamlining the commission structure to make it more competitive and reflective of market conditions.

  1. Discussion and Feedback: Attendees actively engaged in a comprehensive discussion, providing valuable feedback on the proposed revisions. [Meeting Attendee] emphasized the importance of ensuring that the revised plan remains motivating while being attainable for all team members.

  2. Agreement on Revisions: After a productive discussion, a consensus was reached to implement the proposed revisions. Attendees expressed their support for these changes, believing they would drive improved performance and incentivize the team.

  3. Action Items




Update incentive plan

HR Dep

Calculate new bonus structure

Finance Dep

Communicate changes

Sales Managers

8. Closing Remarks: [Meeting Attendee] concluded the meeting at [Time].

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