Sales Minute on Incentive Feedback Session

Sales Minute on Incentive Feedback Session

Topic: Incentive Feedback Session
Date: [Meeting Date]
Time: [Meeting Time]
Location: [Location]



  1. Jonathan Wilkins



The primary agenda for this meeting was to discuss and get feedback on the new incentive plan introduced by [YOUR COMPANY NAME]. The specifics items on the agenda included:

• Presenting the new incentive plan.
• Addressing any queries or concerns.
• Gathering feedback and suggestions on the new incentive plan.
• Discussion on potential enhancements.
• Deciding the next steps based on feedback received.

Decisions Made:

Item - Presenting the new incentive plan:
• Detailed presentation of the incentive plan was provided by [Presenter's Name].
Item - Addressing queries or concerns:
• All concerns and queries were handled and clarified by the respective teams.
Item - Gathering feedback and suggestions:
• Feedback and suggestions received are being evaluated.
Item - Discussion on potential enhancements:
• Potential enhancements were discussed in the presence of all stakeholders.
Item - Next steps:
• Decisions on next steps have been made based on feedback received.

Action Items:

Distilling feedback into actionable items, [YOUR COMPANY NAME] has decided to:

• Revisit the incentive structure.
• Introduce more flexible incentive options.
• Review the qualification criteria for incentives.
• Regularly update the sales team on any changes made to the incentive system.

Next Meeting:

Date: [Next Meeting Date]
Agenda: Discuss the revised incentive plan based on feedback received. Discussion on new targets and strategies for the upcoming quarter.

Prepared by: [Your Name]


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