Intercompany Employee Transfer Letter

Intercompany Employee Transfer Letter

Noah Moore

Sales Manager

700 Plantation Dr.

Richmond, TX 77406
May 1, 2050

Ms. Sadie Storm
Executive Manager
505 Redwood Lane

Willowdale, TX 75003

Dear Ms. Storm,

Our warmest greetings to you. We wish to express our deepest gratitude for your unswerving dedication at Daynetech. As part of our ongoing business transformation and repositioning strategy, we are delighted to inform you that effective as of May 5, 2050, we will be transferring you to Solas Corp. This decision was made after thorough deliberation and we strongly believe it will allow you to deploy your skills in a more challenging role.

In your new role, you are to report directly to the head of the department. You will still be handling similar responsibilities you undertook at Daynetech which we believe will make the transition smooth. We appreciate your cooperation during this transition period and we will provide all the necessary support required.

We are confident that you will excel in this new challenge and we look forward to seeing you attain more professional milestones at Solas Corp. Thank you for your understanding and continued dedication.

Best wishes,

Noah Moore