Transfer Letter for Family Problem

Transfer Letter for Family Problem

Aria Smith

Graphic Designer

700 Plantation Dr.

Richmond, TX 77406

November 5, 2050

Felix Blyth
General Manager

101 Oak Lane

Hillcrest, OH 43216

Dear Mr. Blyth,

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for allowing me to be a part of your distinguished workforce. With that said, this letter serves as the formal request to process a transfer from my current office-based position to a remote work setup. The main reason for this request pertains to personal family issues involving having to take care of my son with his immediate medical needs.

Hopefully, this change in my work environment will positively affect both my personal situation and my work quality. I remain committed to delivering excellent service while I undergo this transition. As discussed, the new reporting structure will have me deliver my work outputs directly to you, and maintain my primary responsibilities. I am ready and willing to adapt to this new set-up and face all the challenges posed by this coming change.


Aria Smith