Insurance Transfer Letter

Insurance Transfer Letter

Ella J. Manhart

Safe Shield Insurance

4770 Glendale Avenue
Burbank, CA 91504

June 10, 2050

Amy D. Sylvester

Insurance Policy Holder

Guardian Insurance.

4453 Massachusetts Avenue
Washington, DC 20200

Dear Ms. Sylvester,

I am writing to request a transfer of my insurance policy from 125-045-628 to Guardian Insurance. After careful consideration and comparison.

I believe that this assurance offers a better-suited policy that aligns with my current needs and preferences.

I kindly request your assistance in facilitating the smooth transition of my policy to Guardian Insurance. I am willing to provide any necessary documentation and adhere to the required procedures to ensure a seamless transfer. Your cooperation in this matter is highly appreciated.

Thank you for your attention to this request, and I look forward to your prompt assistance.


Ella J. Manhart