Hospital Transfer Letter

Hospital Transfer Letter

Michael C. Byington

Medical Technologist

Well Care Hospital

4062 Cook Hill Road
Hartford, CT 06103

June 10, 2052

Gary A. Petty

HR Management

Medi Crest Hospital

537 Melrose Street
Spokane, WA 99201

Dear Mr. Petty,

I am writing to formally request a transfer from Well Care Hospital to

Medi Crest Hospital. Due to personal reasons, I find it necessary to relocate, and I believe that continuing my service at Medi Crest Hospital aligns with my career goals and personal circumstances.

I have discussed this matter with my immediate supervisor and have ensured a seamless transition plan for the transfer of my responsibilities. I am committed to maintaining the same level of dedication and quality of service in my new role.

I appreciate your understanding and support in considering my transfer request. I am open to any necessary procedures or documentation required for the process. Thank you for your time and consideration


Michael C. Byington