Transfer Letter for Teacher

Transfer Letter for Teacher

October 12, 2087

James Lundgren
Horizon University
2870 Twin Willow Lane
Fayetteville, NC 28301

Dear Mr. Lundgren,

I am writing to officially inform you of my transfer to a new location within the same educational institution. With great excitement, I have accepted the offered role and am looking forward to embracing the upcoming responsibilities and challenges. For your information, in the new role I will continue contributing to the Horizon University's mission and vision as a teacher.

Even though the location changes, my commitment to fulfill my responsibilities and offer my best practice will not waver. I am enthusiastic about meeting my new colleagues, students, and contributing to the Horizon University family from a new location.

I ensure you that the transition will be smooth, and I am ready to start in my new position on November 12, 2087. Thank you for your understanding and continuous support. I am enthusiastic and can't wait to start this next exciting phase in my career at Horizon University.

Yours sincerely,

Brianna Patterson