Accounting Internal Audit Compliance Checklist

Accounting Internal Audit
Compliance Checklist

Audit Date: [Month Day, Year]

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Instructions: This checklist is designed to ensure compliance with accounting standards, policies, and procedures within our organization. The auditor should review each item and indicate whether it is in compliance or non-compliant. Provide remarks or comments as needed.

Section 1: Financial Reporting Compliance

  • Are our financial statements prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP)?

  • Do our financial statements accurately reflect the financial position of the organization?

  • Are there any material misstatements or errors in our financial statements?

  • Are financial statements reviewed and approved by the responsible authorities?

Section 2: Internal Control Compliance

  • Do we have an established system of internal controls to safeguard assets and prevent fraud?

  • Are internal control procedures documented and regularly reviewed?

  • Are segregation of duties and access controls in place to prevent unauthorized transactions?

  • Are financial transactions authorized in accordance with our policies and procedures?

Section 3: Compliance with Accounting Policies

  • Are our accounting policies and procedures up to date and in compliance with relevant regulations?

  • Are accounting policies consistently applied across all departments and subsidiaries?

  • Have there been any recent changes in accounting policies? If yes, are they properly documented?

Section 4: Tax Compliance

  • Are we in compliance with all applicable tax laws and regulations?

  • Are tax filings accurate and submitted on time?

  • Are tax records and documentation maintained in accordance with tax requirements?

Section 5: Regulatory Requirements

  • Are we in compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements related to accounting and financial reporting?

  • Are there any pending or ongoing regulatory investigations or issues?

Section 6: Audit and Review Compliance

  • Have our financial statements been audited or reviewed by external auditors, and are we in compliance with their recommendations?

  • Are internal audits conducted regularly, and are findings addressed promptly?


Based on the review conducted on [Date], we have assessed our compliance with the accounting standards, policies, and procedures outlined in this checklist. Any non-compliance issues have been identified, and corrective actions will be taken as necessary to address them.

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[Month Day, Year]

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